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ASD Information

Integrated Autism Service

The service provides adult autism diagnostic assessment (sometimes jointly with other services), support and advice for autistic adults, parents/carers, and professionals. Parents/carers can self-refer to the service, if your child has received a diagnosis of autism you will be able to access some training and advice from the Integrated Autism Service. To contact the service phone 01267 283070 or email westwalesias.hdd@wales.nhs.uk West Wales - Awtistiaeth Cymru | Autism Wales | National Autism Team

Neurodevelopmental Team - Autism Assessment Service

Neurodevelopmental Team, Building 1, St David’s Park, Job ’s Well Road, Carmarthen, SA31 3HB, Neurodevelopmental Service Autism Assessment Service, Telephone: 01267 283077, childasd.referrals@wales.nhs.uk

Early Help Team 0-25

The Early Help Team supports disabled/ autistic children/young people and their families. We are a short-term early intervention service, and our aim is to support children/young people and their families to overcome challenges and achieve their potential.

Who can we help? People who live in Carmarthenshire • You need to be between 0-25 • Parent/ carer of someone who is 0-25 • Disabled/ autistic (diagnosed or undiagnosed) children/young people and their families.

What can we offer you? A plan of support which we will develop together and review when needed. Bespoke support around sensory needs, resilience, practical behaviour management and anxiety. We can help you progress into employment, education, or training. We can help you and your family to identify relevant activities, support and services in the community that will enable you to achieve your goals. We can help you to understand more about your disability/autism Tim Camau Bach is part of the Early Help Team and can offer short term support for parents with a disabled child aged 0-16 This may include support with communication, sleep, continence, behaviour, diet, play child development and sibling support. April 2022

They offer: Home based support. Pre-school support. Disability workshops. Group support for those aged 0-16; such as coffee morning, Positive Behavioural Management Workshops and support groups for children etc.

Self-referral forms available through the link below:-

Disability - Carmarthenshire Family Information Service (gov.wales)

Early Help Team– 01267 246673 disabilityreferrals@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Autism Wales

Information, resources, training and support. In addition to the resources available across the Autism Wales website, you will also find information of the further work of the National Autism Team. About us - Awtistiaeth Cymru | Autism Wales | National Autism Team

Autism Wellbeing

Autism Wellbeing CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Carmarthenshire. We are a team of professionals working collaboratively with families and individuals affected by autism. If you have any queries about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact Rorie Fulton on 07393 664 048 or email him at roriefultonaw@gmail.com. Rorie is in the office on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Our services include: Phone-Based Support; Online training courses in Making Sense of Autism and Sensory Trauma: autism, sensory difference and the daily experience of fear; Interoceptive Awareness course (online); Just Right State parents programme (online); Making Sense of Autism guided learning course (online/via telephone); Online Peer-to-Peer Support Group for Autistic Adults;  Online Peer-to-Peer Support Group for Parents of Autistic Children; Psychological therapy for autistic people (online); Psychological therapy for parents and siblings (online); Sensory Equipment Lending Library. 


National Autistic Society

Our hard-working volunteers run support, information and social activities for autistic adults, children and their families in their local area. Additionally, they organise and join in with fundraising and campaigning. carmarthenshire.branch@nas.org.uk https://www.facebook.com/NASCarmarthenshireBranch

Neuro D Club

Neuro D Club Coleshill Club 6pm-8pm Monday. To enquire further- please click on link below

Joining Form

The Hive

Parent/Carer Coffee Mornings


ALN Group

The ALN group is open to anyone with children that have ALN, whether diagnosed, under assessment or been diagnosed. The group does run weekly, however with limitations due to covid we do need parent to books in, it is no longer a drop in session. This can be explained once the parent reaches out via email. Canolfannau Plant Integredig / Integrated Children's Centres Rhif Ffôn | Tel: 01554 742203 E-bost | Email: nhorne@carmarthenshire.gov.uk Or EJCaine@carmarthenshire.gov.uk






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