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Are the methods of transport we choose changing our climate? by Ethan Bignell

 Methods of transport, how much do they contribute to climate change? by Cieran Grove

 Transport and Climate Change by Holly Davidson

15th May 2012


 Dear Kara and Young Reporters

 Thank you so much for your written articles for Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE).

We hope that you all enjoyed being involved in the investigation and the writing of your articles, we have certainly enjoyed reading them.

There has been a lot of interest from Secondary schools across Wales again, and we’re really pleased that you have been part of this programme. The National Jury, which included professional journalists, met at the end of April to select the overall Welsh winner and two joint Welsh runners-up. As well as these, three other reports, including one of yours, were also selected to represent Wales and all six reports have been submitted to the International Jury who will meet at the end of May to judge them alongside the reports from the 26 other countries running YRE.

 YOU WILL BE DELIGHTED TO KNOW that your article ‘Are the methods of transport we choose changing our climate?’ written by Ethan Bignell has been selected to represent Wales in the International Jury for Young Reporters for the Environment in the age category 15-18 in the written media. Please find enclosed a certificate in recognition of your achievements.


 Your other reports written by Cieran Grove and Holly Davidson, I’m sorry to say have not been successful in being selected this year. However, we have provided some feedback from the judges of the National Jury, on all the reports, that we hope will be useful to you:

 ‘Are the methods of transport we choose changing our climate?’ written by Ethan Bignell

‘This was well written and engaging with a good headline which motivates people to read it.

There was a good initial explanation in the 1st paragraph. Also a good sentence in the 3rd paragraph ‘Climate change is happening and it is happening right now’ which grabs your attention. Talking about the weather is very topical! A good question with ‘What will motivate you to make personal changes in your own lifestyle?’ The angle on cars was a good choice as it is something that people can relate to in their everyday life.The last paragraph ‘When you are old and grey....’ is a great ending and leaving it with a legacy is very powerful.

You could have included more detail and mentioned how many people were involved in the questionnaire. It would have nice to see some individual examples of opinions of parents and pupils and whether there was any difference in views between the generations to make a more balanced report.

 ‘Methods of transport, how much do they contribute to climate change?’ written by Cieran Grove

Some very persuasive language used in this piece and an interesting proposition that although climate change exists, that its effects have been exaggerated. It was interesting but heavy going to read. There was lots of effort put in research-wise. It’s very informative. You are obviously passionate about the topic. There is a good argument re using the bus/car. We liked the sentence about ‘polar bears floating upon small chunks of ice’. Good points about relating to the local impact. This could be column piece rather than a news article.

The section ‘if I’m totally honest...’ spoils the beginning of the article. There was a missed opportunity about the link with walking and health issues.’

 ‘Transport and Climate Change’ written by Holly Davidson

‘It’s clear that Holly is enthusiastic about the issue of climate change as well as explaining its potential impact at a local level. It provided an interesting slant on the benefits of using public transport. There was good thinking outside the box and mentioning BMI but you haven’t said what it is. It was good to bring in the health benefits, but a link to obesity, which is a big issue, would’ve been beneficial. The sentence ‘that the whole town will be submerged within 50 years’ really grabs peoples’ attention – this should’ve been at the top! There was a good summary with positive actions for people to think about.

This article was anecdotal rather than factual ie ‘lots of people would prefer....’. It would have benefited from having an expert voice in it and having some quotes ie on people’s views in the town about how climate change will affect Llanelli.’

 Please remember to keep all your work on Young Reporters for the Environment as evidence towards your next Eco-Schools awards and include YRE on your Eco-Schools Action Plan. We also suggest that your reports are displayed on your Eco-Schools notice-board and in your newsletter for everyone to read and enjoy.

 We really hope that you feel that you would like to take part in Young Reporters for the Environment again next year and we will be sending out information to you again in September.

Thanks very much again for your involvement.

 Kind Regards


 Linda Bradshaw-Wood

Co-ordinator for Young Reporters for the Environment

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