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Learner Voice at Bryngwyn

Curriculum Council

Curriculum council:

Each AoLE has its own learning forum consisting of 15 learners across each year group. AoLE forums meet regularly to discuss a range of maters concerning teaching and learning, curriculum design and assessment. Two learners from each AoLE forum sit on the Curriculum council where they discuss the issues that have arisen from each forum.



School Council

Welcome to the School Council webpage for Ysgol Bryngwyn. We are pleased to introduce our dedicated team of student representatives who work collaboratively to voice the opinions and ideas of our secondary school students.

The School Council plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience of our students at Ysgol Bryngwyn. Led by our Head Boy and Head Girl, they serve as a direct channel of communication between the students and the school's leadership team.

Our Council members actively engage with their peers, encouraging them to express their concerns, suggestions, and feedback. Through regular meetings and discussions, the School Council aims to address these issues and ensure that the student body's voice is heard and acted upon.

We believe in fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility among our students, empowering them to actively contribute to the development and improvement of our school. By involving them in decision-making processes, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that reflects their needs and aspirations.

We encourage all parents to support and engage with the School Council. Your input and feedback are invaluable in shaping the educational experience of our students. Together, we can make a difference and provide the best opportunities for our secondary age children at Ysgol Bryngwyn.

Year 7

Rhiannon Steele

Dillon Davies

Year 8

Dylan Hopkins

Marysia Turko

Year 9

Maisie Jenkins-Clarke

Alex Stempien

Year 10

Ali Kashif

Jessica Murphy

Year 11

William Eatley

Scarlet Esney-Davies

Eco Committee 

At Bryngwyn School the eco-committee is dedicated to making our school and its environment a more green place to be! We meet every week to discuss all things eco-friendly! We are trying to instil an ethos of sustainability amongst everyone in the school and our local community through various projects. We are very proud to have been awarded a Platinum Award in July 2022 to recognise several years of hard work and dedication by our eco-committee. Every year we do an environmental review to help us identify areas for improvement and put together an action plan. 

action plan 2022 sco.pdf

The pupils in the eco-committee are very proud to announce that our hard work this year has meant a renewal of our platinum eco award. Efforts were recognised across projects such as the prom dress recycling scheme, food bank collection and raising awareness of the waste recycling reform.



Blake Thomas
Evie Coleman
Ebony Glenister
Thomas Sweeting
Emily Osmundsen-Little
Hannah Osmundsen-Little
Bobby Cann
Evan Mosey
Rowan fielding
Chloe Leitch
Isabelle White
Ceri Williams

 Sports Ambassadors

Gold Ambassador

Blwydden 10

Lily-Medi Watkins

Silver Ambassadors

Blwydden 8

Freya McCarthy

Blwydden 10

Emily Jenkins

Grace Rees

Blwydden 11

Mia-Haf Bowen

Language Ambassadors

All Blwydden 9

Emily Osmundsen-Little

Hannah Osmundsen-Little

Roxy Guard

Thomas McCullough-Lander

Amber Bostock

Ali Kashif

Oliver Mackay

Cerith Hiorns

Katie Holborn

Dylan Jones

Asa McKinty

Zain Jehanzeb

Katie Thomas

Finlay McCullough

Olivis Peet

Olivia Lewis

Jessica Murphey

Kelsea Coles

Grace Fourie

Anthony Whitfield

Dylan Bowler

Leon Alger-Palmer

Natalia Rychlicka

Evan Mosey

Tomos Lodwig

Welsh Ambassadors

Blwyddyn 10

Harri McCullough

Sophie Evans

Regan Gardner

Chloe North

Carrie Cook

Scarlet Esney-Davies

Crystal Buckley

Sinead Killick

Dominic Hosey

Tyler James

Cerys Vermaak

Emily Jenkins

Casey Evans

Mia Williams

Katy Hamilton

Corey Lewis

Blwydden 11

Charlie Millson

Jordan Blassberg

Carys Edwards

Abigail Neve

Kian Rees

Cara Thorne

Leri Watkins

Leilani Davies

Angharad Rees-Jarman

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