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More Able and Talented (MAT)

The Super Curriculum at Bryngwyn

Extra-curricular v super-curricular?

Extra-curricular activities are those you take part in outside of the normal school curriculum. You may play a sport or a musical instrument, or you may be part of a club such as Air Cadets.

Super-curricular activities take your learning beyond the classroom. They will develop your interest in subjects in more detail than your teachers will have covered in the classroom or through homework.

Why super-curricular?

Super-curricular activities allow you to develop skills that will help prepare you for university or employment. They will enable you to develop a deeper knowledge of a subject you already have an interest in or allow you to develop an interest in an entirely new topic or subject. It will develop your ability to think critically and creatively!

Today, employers and universities are putting more emphasis on super-curricular activities. The skills you develop will give you an advantage on UCAS and job application forms. This is especially important if you are thinking of applying to a competitive university. Cambridge University website states:

“they can help you make a competitive application, and prepare you for a challenging academic environment, so we strongly recommend them. Super-curricular participation can enhance your personal statement, give you greater confidence in your subject choice, show that you are serious about your area of study, and give you a wealth of ideas to draw upon in discussions if you’re invited to interview.”

What is a super-curricular activity?

Super-curricular activities include reading (books, magazines, journals), listening to podcasts, visiting museums and galleries, entering academic competitions and attending or downloading lectures, as some examples.

The following links take you to the super-curricular pages for Oxford and Cambridge universities:



On this page you will soon find links to activities and competitions for a variety of subjects. If you are interested in the subject, have a look at the activities you can take part in.


Post 16 choices

The following link is to the Russell Group Informed Choices page, which helps students think about subjects they may be considering taking at A-Level, and looking at how A-level choices can affect options at university. It may be a useful starting point, whether you know of have no idea what you want to study at university:
What you study at sixth form or college can affect your options at university and your future career. Use Informed Choices to help you understand which subjects open up different degrees, particularly at Russell Group universities.
The link below is to the University of Cambridge 'The Subject Matters' post-16 choices booklet, which also explains how A-Level choices can affect options:

Year 10 Competitions


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philosophy 23 24 qr.pdf



Year 11 Competitions



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philosophy 23 24 qr 2.pdf


 Year 11: Interested in Medicine

Newcastle University will be holding a series of 5 on-line sessions in November for any students interested in medicine/medical sciences. They will also be holding an additional 'Applying to med school' session in December.
You do have to be 15 or older to sign up. The link is below:
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