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This years Year 8...

A big shout out to Year 8 this year. It's been an absolute pleasure to get to know the year group and see them grow and develop into the amazing pupils they have become. I am very proud to be head of year for this year group, and I can't wait to take them into Year 9, where they get to chose their options.

The year group ended up accumulating the highest number of achievement points out of all the year groups, which shows what a superb year group they are. I hope this continues next year.

When I looked at the figures, almost 100 pupils got over 200 achievement points , which is fantastic. Special mention to the following pupils who managed to get over 300. Amazing!!

The pupils who got 300 achievement points or more are:
Anthony Whitfield (highest with 472 Achievement points gained this year), Hannah and Emily O-L, Oliver M, Sienna J, Dylan J, Jessica M, Isabel B, Dylan B, Stevie W, Olivia L, Scarlett G, Masha H, Jason Zhao, Carys P-J, Victoria K, Tomos L, Emily H, Bobby C, Thomas B, Poppy J, Zain J, Ioan T-W, Dima Al A, Aimee W and Stephanie W.


Have a fantastic summer. Kind regards, Mr Davies (Head of Year 8)

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