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Update to ski trip 2020                                                              

Ski Trip Austria Excursion – April 2020

Dear Parent

After significant deliberation, and given the rapidly evolving situation both across Europe and in the UK, the decision has been taken to cancel the planned skiing trip to Austria scheduled to leave 3rd April 2020.  This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and follows guidance issued by the UK government, in its statement issued on 12th March 2020 regarding school trips:


We are sorry about the distress that this might have caused the pupils and any disruption to family plans.  However, it has taken us some time to secure the relevant advice and information from the ski company Select School Travel.  Having reached this difficult decision we do believe that we are taking the most responsible action in guaranteeing everybody’s safety.

Following negotiations with Select School Travel we have identified two options:

  1. For pupils who are still in Bryngwyn next year to rebook their trip in 2021 at the same cost.
  2. To refund pupils fully where they are not able, or unwilling to travel next year.

Either way we can assure parents at this stage that they will suffer no financial detriment.

Kind regards. Thanks.

Yours sincerely

Mr Paul Jones                           Mr Dave Williams

Executive Headteacher             Head of School


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