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2016-17 Text Message Archive

14.06.17 - Parents of Year 10 (Science Class 10/A1)
Reminder: Chemistry Revision session for Year 10 (Class 10/A1) - 9am-11am Saturday 17th June

08.06.17 - Parents of Year 10 (Science Class 10/A1)
Reminder: After school Revision Thursday 8th June - Chemistry for Year 10 pupils (Class 10/A1)

06.06.17 - Parents of Year 10 (Science Class 10/A1)
Reminder: Biology Revision session for Year 10 (Class 10/A1) - 9am-11am Saturday 10th June

05.06.17 - Parents of Year 11 Electronics Group
Reminder to year 11 Electronics GCSE students that revision will take place between 3 - 4 pm on Tuesday 6th June in room E9."

22.05.17 - Year 9 Parents
Year 9 end of year maths exam will take place on Wednesday 7th June (am). The exam will comprise of all topics covered this year.

25.04.17 - Year 7, 8 & 9 Parents
Year 9: Reminder Numeracy Reasoning test is on Thursday 27th April calculator needed, Reading Tuesday 2nd May, Numeracy Procedural Wed 3rd May

Year 7: Reminder Numeracy Reasoning test is on Friday 28th April calculator needed, Reading Thursday 4th May, Numeracy Procedural Wed 3rd May

Year 8: Reminder Numeracy Reasoning test is on Wednesday 26th April calculator needed, Reading Tuesday 2nd May, Numeracy Procedural Wed 3rd May

25.04.17 - Year 10 Parents
Reminder year 10 parents' evening Thursday 27th April 3:30 - 7pm. We look forward to seeing you.

06.04.17 - Year 11 Parents
Please ensure your child is working on his/her revision over the Easter holidays. Bryngwyn School.

04.04.17 - Year 10 Parents
REMINDER: The revision and motivation session at Bryngwyn 4.30-6.30pm this Wed 5th Apr. Parents and pupils welcome - not essential that parents attend.

04.04.17 - Year 11 Parents
Year 10 Interim Reports have been issued today

17.03.17 - All Parents
Please see our website for important information on the updated Cheque Payment Arrangements

07.03.17 - Year 9 Parents
Reminder: YR9 Options Evening Thurs 9 March. Parents warmly invited to attend to discuss important decisions for GCSE courses.

02.03.17 - Year 11 Parents
Yr11 have been given exam timetables and reminded of the need to start revising.  Pls ensure your child has started and is revising for least 2hrs a day.

16.02.17 - Year 10 Parents
The photos from the Year 10 Reward Trip to Ice Arena Wales are now available online.

15.02.17 - Year 10 & 11 Parents
There is a now a link to the WJEC Past Paper page on our website. Go to 'Links' > 'WJEC Past Papers & Resources'. Thank you. 

5.1.17 - All Parents
For more information about what’s happening here at Bryngwyn School – search for @bryngwynschool on Twitter and Facebook. We update regularly!

16.12.16 - Year 11 English Students
There will be Yr 11 English Literature Revision on 3 Jan 2017 from 9.30-12.10 to prepare for the GSCE Exam on 4 Jan 2017.

09.12.16 - Year 11 History Students
Y11 History pupils must attend school on Mon12Dec to complete part of their Controlled Assessment-25% of overall grade. Prep work must be brought with them.

01.12.16 - All Parents
Christmas Dinner at Bryngwyn will take place on 7th December 2016, £2.40 for Traditional Roast Turkey or Vegetarian Roast and a choice of dessert.

15.11.16 - Year 8 Parents
Reminder that there is a Year 8 Parents Evening on Wednesday, 7th December.  We look forward to seeing you between 3.30-7pm

10.11.16 - All Parents
Please could you ensure that your son/daughter's name is written onto all PE kit.  The amount of lost property is increasing and is becoming a huge concern.

30.10.16 - Year 11 Parents
There will be a maths revision session on Sunday 6th November 0930-1230. Attendance is greatly advised.

20.10.16 - Year 10 & 11 Parents 
Grade and progress report sheets issued today to all year 10 & 11 20th October

20.10.16 - Year 7, 8 & 9 Parents
Progress report sheets were issued to all pupils in year 7-9  this week

20.10.16 - Year 11 Parents
Your son/daughter has been given a Current Performance Grade report today to bring home.

06.10.16 - Year 11 Parents
All of year 11 will next week be examined on the delivery of their persuasive speech for English Language.    This is 10% of their final grade.  Please assist them by listening to them practise at home from their cue cards and asking them questions at the end.

04.10.16 - Year 11 Parents
All year 11 pupils will be sitting 2 Welsh controlled assessments between October 10th and 21st. Attendance is vital. Diolch.

21.09.16 - All Parents
Could you please ensure that your son/daughter informs the Head of the Physical Education department if they have played county sport or higher in the last 12 months.  They will be eligible for an award on prize evening but must inform the Head of PE. Thanks

13.09.16 - Year 11 Parents
The annual Year 11 Parents’ Information Evening will take place on Wed 14th Sept 2016 at 6pm. Please see the letter sent out on 7th Sept 2016 for more info.

11.09.16 - Years 7 & 11 Parents
A reminder that the students of Years 7 & 11 will be having their school photos taken tomorrowMonday 12th September.

7.9.16 - Year 11 Parents
The annual Year 11 Parents’ Information Evening will take place on Wed 14th Sept 2016 at 6pm. Please see the letter sent out on 7th Sept 2016 for more info.

6.09.16 - Years 7 & 11 Parents 
Please be aware that the annual school photo day will take place on Monday 12th September, for those students in Years 7 & 11.

22.08.16 - All Parents of Pupils Expecting Exam Results
GCSE Results - Thursday 25th August 2016 - 9.00 a.m. for Yr. 11. -10.00 a.m. for all other year groups. 

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