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School Uniform

These rules are based on 2 main principles:

  1. That we are a community and that rules work best when there is a shared sense of ownership. In this context, all pupils and staff were consulted. The following rules, therefore, reflect the views of both pupils and staff.
  2. As a school, an important part of our ethos, as well as supporting our pupils educationally and pastorally, is to do our best to prepare them for the wider world of work. Pupils must present themselves neatly and tidily in an acceptable uniform as similar demands will come from an employer in future.

The school reserves the right to decide what acceptable uniform is and pupils are expected to be presentable at all times.  Pupils who do not follow the school rules regarding uniform will be allowed to continue with their education but can expect to be isolated from their peers and the wider school community until they conform to the school rules.



Earrings: The school will allow one pair of small stud earrings.  Hoops or long earrings present a health and safety risk and are, therefore, unacceptable. Small crystal/costume jewellery earrings are acceptable, but large crystal earrings are not.

The School will not allow tongue studs or any other facial piercings e.g. nose studs, lip piercing etc.  If a pupil wishes to have a new piercing, they are encouraged to do this at the start of the summer holidays. This gives sufficient time for piercings to heal and allows pupils to comply with school rules when they are asked to remove studs on their return to school in September.  Pupils will be asked to remove piercings should they break school rules, and we reserve the right to confiscate items when there is persistent refusal to cooperate with school rules.

Hair Colouring/Dying

Pupils are allowed to dye their hair provided that the colours are ‘natural’.  Any vivid colouring e.g. blue, pink, green etc. is unacceptable.  Pupils who colour their hair in unacceptable tones will be given the option to re-colour their hair but will be placed in isolation until the hair is re-coloured.

Hair Styles

Pupils are allowed up to a No. 2 on clipped hair. Tramlines, Mohawks or Mohicans are not acceptable.  Long hair must be tied back in practical lessons where there is a Health and Safety risk.

Make Up

A small amount, “light dusting”, of make-up is acceptable provided it is unobtrusive. Heavily made up pupils will be asked to remove make up using wipes.

Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is allowed provided colours are subtle and not vivid. Glazing or natural tones are allowed.  Pupils wearing bright and multi coloured nail polishes will be asked to remove it.


A single small ring on each hand is acceptable as is a bracelet on each wrist.  However, pupils should be prepared to remove these items if requested to do so by a member of staff in a practical lesson or where there is a health and safety concern.

Coats & Hoodies 

No denim or leather.  Coats have to be plain (some piping is acceptable) with no slogans or large motifs. Vivid/dayglo colours, denim or leather coats are not permitted, though light coloured coats and jackets are acceptable.  Coats and hoodies cannot be used as jumpers and must be removed once inside the School building.  The exception to this rule is a black fleece, with no hood, with the school logo and a zip at the front which can be used as a jumper and worn in lessons.


Scarves must be removed once inside the school building.


All black shoes and black trainers are permitted.  Trainers and shoes should have no coloured flashing or stripes.  Girls are required to wear shoes with a sensible heel that are suitable for school e.g. negotiating stairs and walking in crowds, and that do not prove a Health and Safety risk.  Boots are allowed in winter provided they are worn underneath trousers.

Trousers and Skirts

Trousers and skirts are to be tailored (no lycra, leggings, jeggings or clinging material) and neat, no black jeans or denim trousers are permitted. Girls should wear skirts that are of an appropriate and modest length and that will not cause offence or embarrassment.

The list above is deliberately prescriptive.  We do not wish there to be any ambiguity/confusion. As a school, it reflects the views of pupils and staff. We hope parents will support us in introducing this uniform code. The school reserves the right to decide on what we feel is appropriate and suitable.  We will endeavour to keep pupils in school and in education; however, we will regard regular failure to comply with school rules as defiance and will, where necessary, take an appropriate course of action within the framework of the school’s discipline policy.        


School Uniform




Polo Shirt

(with School badge)

White (Years 7,8,9)

Maroon (Years 10,11)

White (Years 7,8,9)

Maroon (Years 10,11)

Trousers/ Skirt



(trousers to be tailored,

skirt to be medium length

with no slits)

Sweat Shirt

(with School badge)




(with School badge)






Coats/jackets for outdoor use

Plain (see above)

Plain (see above)


Summer Uniform – available to be worn in the Summer Term


Plain black, knee-length, tailored shorts with usual school polo shirt (see below).


PE/sports shorts are not allowed.  


Tailored shorts are available in uniform retailers and most larger retail outlets, including online and in supermarkets. 


Alternatively, pupils may wear usual school trousers or skirts (see below)


Sports Kit



Plain Black shorts (compulsory)


Plain Black full or ¾ leggings, shorts or skirts. (compulsory)

Maroon and Black Bryngwyn PE T Shirt  


Maroon and Black Bryngwyn PE T Shirt  

Maroon and Black Games jersey


Maroon Hooded sweatshirt

Socks (compulsory)


Socks (optional)

Maroon Hooded sweatshirt (optional)



Trainers (plimsolls and pumps are not suitable.)


Trainers (plimsolls and pumps are not suitable.)



All suppliers should add pupils' initials on sleeve of T-Shirt and hooded sweatshirt. All the above are available from the following suppliers: Toppers and Picton Sports.

Please could you ensure all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.  

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