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2014/15 Text Message Archive 

9.07.15 - To All Parents
Pupils have been given a letter for parents to sign. It gives a clear guide to the school's acceptable uniform code. All forms need to be returned before the end of term 

7.07.15 - To Yr 7 & 8 Parents
Year 7 & 8 End of Year Reports issued, also the National Test Scores for Reading and Numeracy.

7.07.15 - To Yr 9 Parents
Year 9 End of Key Stage Level issued, also the National Test Scores for Reading and Numeracy. 

2.07.15 - To Yr 7/8/9 Parents 
Important letters home today re. Belgium & French trips, please return medical forms urgently. 

1.07.15 - To all Yr 7/8/9 Parents
Reminder Sports Day Fri 3rd July – suncream/hats advisable, sports clothing in house colours, no denim.  If it rains, normal lessons, so books needed.  Thank you for your support. 

30.06.15 - To all Yr 11 Parents
Reminder to pupils in Yr 11 who are attending Prom on Thursday 2nd July - buses will be leaving Bryngwyn at 6:00 pm and back at Bryngwyn at 11:50 pm

29.06.15 - To Yr 10 Child Development Class
The Child Development food practical arranged for Tuesday 30th June has been cancelled

25.06.15 - To All Yr 11 Parents
Year 11 pupils are reminded that if they have been offered a College place for Setember, they must return their letter of acceptance to the College.

 25.06.15 - To Yr 10 Catering Class
The Yr 10 Catering exam is on Fri 26 June. All pupils must bring ingredients for the Afternoon Tea task - failure to do so will result in failure of the unit

17.06.15 - To all Parents

The BAFTAS will be held on Thurs 25th June from 4.00-7.30pm - £1 entry on gate, all profits to go to Ty Hafan - For more info, please see school website. 

8.06.15 - To All Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 Parents
If your son/daughter receives woodwind, brass or string instrumental lessons, they must attend orchestra rehearsals on Tuesdays from 3.45-5pm. Many thanks.

3.06.15 - To All Year 11 Parents
Year 11 pupils are reminded that they are to wear school uniform for the Leavers' Assembly on Thursday 4th June. 

2.06.15 - To All Year 11 Parents 
Reminder - On Wednesday 3rd June L1 & L2 there will be Maths revision for all pupils sitting Paper 2 or Unit 2 on Thursday 4th June. 

1.06.15 - To All Year 11 Parents
The Year 11 Leavers' Assembly has been re-arranged for Thursday 4th June at 2pm. We look forward to seeing all year 11 pupils at this time. 

22.05.15 - To Parents of Year 10 & 11 Maths Classes (Mrs O'Brien's)
Maths Revision Sunday 31st May from 10.00am until 1.00pm for Mrs O'Brien's Year 10 & 11 Classes 

22.05.15 - All Year 7 & 8 Parents
Revised Year 7 & 8 Exam Timetable now available on school website 

22.05.15 - Parents of Year 11 Set 1 English JH and KT Pupils

English Language Revision for Year 11 Set 1 JH and KT pupils ONLY on Sunday 31st May 2015 between 10am-12pm in rooms D1 and D2 

08.05.15 - Parents of Year 11 English Set 11A/En2c Pupils (Mrs Bevan)
There will be a Revision Session of Mice and Men on Sunday 10th May 1.00-3.00pm - Please ensure your child makes every effort to attend.

06.05.15 - Parents of 8X, 9X, All Year 10, All Year 11
Reminder-Welsh GCSE exam Friday 8th May (a.m.). (8X,9X,All Yr 10, Yr 11 Re-sits) - Attendance is vital.

30.04.15 - All Parents
All cheques to Bryngwyn should now be made out to ‘Bryngwyn School – Carmarthenshire County Council’ due to changes in our banking system. Thank you.

29.04.15 - All Year 9 Parents
Reminder National Tests start today.  Reading Wed 29th April, Numeracy Friday 1st May, Reasoning on Wednesday 6th May.

29.04.15 - All Year 8 Parents
Reminder National Tests start Thurs 30th April (Numeracy).  Reading is on Friday 1st May and Reasoning on Wed 6th May.

29.04.15 - All Year 7 Parents
Reminder National Tests start Thurs 30th April (Reasoning). Numeracy is Wed 6th May and Reading Thurs 7th May.

21.04.15 - All Year 7, 8 & 9 Parents
Letter sent home today regarding Yrs 7-9 National Reading and Numeracy Tests Apr/May 2015 

21.04.15 - All Year 11 Parents
Welsh GCSE oral exams Wed 22 Apr and Thurs 23 Apr in Hut 1.  All pupils must attend. Worth up to 20% of total mark. 

15.04.15 - All Year 11 Parents
Local apprenticeship vacancies now on school website, please see http://www.bryngwynschool.co.uk/Pupils/Careers/

14.04.15 - All Year 10 Parents
A reminder that Year 10 Parents' Evening is on Thursday 16th April, 3.30-7.00pm - No appointments needed

14.04.15 - All Year 10 Catering Pupils
Your child has a cooking practical, making cheesecake, on Wed 15th April. Recipes were provided on 25th March - all pupils must bring ingredients to the lesson

14.04.15 - All Yr 11 Parents & Welsh Set 9X
Revision sessions for Welsh GCSE group speaking examination:
Sunday 19th April in D Corridor
Foundation Level : 10.00-11.30
Higher Level : 11.30-1.00

26.03.15 - All Parents
Newsletter with Key Dates sent home with pupils today 26/3/15.  Inset Day on Monday 13/4/15, pupils return to school on Tuesday 14/4/15.

18.03.15 - All Parents
Solar eclipse Friday from 9:28am. For information regarding the eclipse and guidance on keeping safe please see the school website.

13.03.15 - Yr 9 Parents
Please return the completed Year 9 options form to your child's form tutor on Monday 16th March

10.03.15 - Yr 11 Set 1 Maths Parents
Weekly maths revision sessions for Set 1 pupils arranged every Wed for 1 hour after school until exams,all pupils are expected to attend if they are to achieve their highest possible grade.

10.03.15 - Yr 9 Parents
Year 9 Reports issued to pupils today, reminder Options Evening this Thursday 12th March

04.03.15 - Yr 9 Parents
Letters sent home today regarding Yr 9 Parents/Options Evening 12 March

04.03.15 - All Parents
The Rockschool Night is on Thursday 5th March at 6pm in the School Drama Hall, everyone welcome, free admission.

13.02.15 - Yr 7,8 & 9 Parents
Letter regarding National Reading and Numeracy Tests sent home with pupils today

13.02.15 - Yr 11 Parents
Exam timetable and Revision Tips sent home with Yr 11 pupils today

11.02.15  - Yr 11 Pupils/Parents
Important message to Year 11 GCSE art pupils that deadline for exam preparatory work is 27th February - please ensure your work is in by this date.

30.01.15 - Yr 10 Parents
Year 10 GCSE Welsh orals worth 20% next week. 100% attendance vital.

29.01.15 - Yr 11 Parents
Year 11 reports issued to pupils 28th January.

23.01.15 - Yr 11 Parents
Congratulations to Duke of Edinburgh Award completers. Presentation evening Tue 10 Feb at QEHS Carmarthen 7pm - parents and guardians are invited to attend.

21.01.15 - Yr 7 Parents
Disgo Dwynwen Friday, 23 January, pupils to wear uniform to school, change at lunchtime into own clothes. As much red as possible!

21.01.15 - Yr 8 Parents
Year 8 - Reminder Parents Evening Thursday 22.01.15

16.01.15 - Yr 9 Parents

Year 9 Assessments are Wed 11th feb - Fri 13th Feb. Timetables have been sent home today.

16.01.15 - Yr 8 Parents
Year 8 - A reminder that it is parents' evening Thursday 22nd Jan. Letters have been sent home with pupils.

15.01.15 - Yrs 7/8/9 Parents
KS3 interim reports for years 7-9 were issued on 14th January. Any queries please contact the Head of Pupil Progress.

08.01.15 - Yr 11 ICT Parents
ICT revision Sunday - 11/01/2015. 2 hour session. 10am-12pm. External GCSE exam is on 13/01/2015. Thanks Mr Angelone.

07.01.15 - Yr 11 Parents
All yr 11 pupils to attend morning revision before English exam on Monday, 12 Jan, in English classrooms from 8.15 am. 

01.01.15 - Selected Yr 11 English Literature Pupils
GCSE Exam revision session for year 10 sets 1( JH, KT) pupils for English Lit on 2/01/15 at Bryngwyn in D1 and D2 
from 10.45am to 1.45 pm

19.12.14 & 02.01.15 - Year 11 Maths set x and 1
Set X and 1. Maths revision session session Friday 2nd January 9:45 - 1:45pm for GCSE exams 9th and 14th Jan.

18.12.14 - Year 11 Maths set X, 1, 5 and 6 
Maths revision session Friday 19th December 11am- 1pm for GCSE exams 9th and 14th Jan.

16.12.14 - All Parents
100% Attendance Letter sent home with pupils today, Tuesday, 16 December 2014 - http://www.bryngwynschool.co.uk/News/100-Attendance-Reward/

15.12.14 0 Yr 10 Parents (except 10X/V)
Yr 10 Welsh Controlled Assessment on Tuesday 16th December. This reading Controlled Assessment will count directly toward the final GCSE grade.

04.12.14 - yr 10 Parents
Reminder that duke of edinburgh's award money and letters deadline is Monday 8th Dec

04.12.14 - Yr 11 Parents
Reminder Yr 11 parents' evening tonight, Thu, 4Dec,  3:30pm - 7pm. Hope to see all parents. Tea and coffee available.

03.12.14 - Yr 10 Parents
Maroon Polo Shirts Urgently needed! If you have out grown maroon polo shirts, can you please send them in with your child or drop them off at Reception. Thanks.

03.12.14 - Yr 11 Parents
Maroon Polo Shirts Urgently needed! If you have out grown shirts, can you please bring in to Yr 11 Parents evening, Thu, 4 Dec, or send in with your child.

24.11.14 - Yr 11 Parents
Letter being sent home today, 24/11/14, with Yr 11 pupils re parents evening 4/12/14 

19.11.14 - Yr 7 Parents
Yr 7 Parents’ Evening will be held today, Wednesday, 19 November 2014, from 3.30-7.30 pm. We look forward to meeting with you. www.bryngwynschool.co.uk

16.10.14 - All Parents
Newsletter/Achievement Leaflet with Key Dates sent home with pupils today, Thu, 16 Oct. Inset on Mon, 20 Oct. Separate letter sent for Yr 11 Early Entry Maths.

06.10.14 - Yr 11 Parents
Dear parent/guardian. Polite reminder. Please be aware that all pupils in Year 11 only will be having their photograph taken by “colorfoto” on Wed, 8th of Oct.

17.09.14 - Yrs 8-11 Parents
Urgent Request-Can all outstanding text books be returned asap! Please have a look around your home & send them in with your child. They are needed for lessons.

17.09.14 - Yr 11 Parents from 2013-14
Urgent Request - Can all outstanding text books be returned asap! Please have a look around your home & send them in to Bryngwyn. They are needed for lessons.

12.09.14 - All Parents
All music clubs (including choir and orchestra) start Tuesday 16th September and will take place between 3.45-5.00pm in the drama hall.

10.09.14 - All Parents
In the interests of health & safety and in consideration of other users of car park, could you please refrain from parking on yellow lines at end of school day.

10.09.14 - All Parents
95% attendance is the minimum expectation for all pupils – can you please ensure your child achieves this level of attendance. Thank you.

04.09.14 - All Parents
Can you please check your house for Bryngwyn textbooks & send them in with your child. Replacement costs are high and we are short for some lessons. Thanks!!

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