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Pastoral Team

Mrs Amy Moon

As the school's Attendance Officer, I am responsible for tracking attendance and reporting attendance figures to both the school's senior management and the local authority. Following up on unauthorised absences and gathering the required information for these is also a part of my day-to-day work. Attending regular meetings with the education welfare team and other outside agencies ensures that all relevant parties are informed on the most up to date data. 

Working closely with the school's wellbeing team ensures that as a school, we are informed and able to monitor, track and support pupils accordingly.

Processing admissions occurs mainly during the summer term, however, as requests and applications are made throughout the year, I process any successful applications when necessary.

Ms Ali Brown

As Parent Support Advisor my role is to make positive contact with parents and pupils who have low attendance.  I work with outside agencies to support pupils and families.  Working with our pastoral staff to support pupils and their families is of high importance.  I offer support which will enable pupils to attend and achieve their potential here at Bryngwyn.


Ms Bev Grey

As the Pupils Support Advisor at Bryngwyn School, I oversee the running of our Well Being Centre which is based in Hut 2. My role comprises of ensuring the wellbeing of all of our pupils.

I also see pupils that transition from Primary to Secondary School, and organise any extra visits where needed to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible for the pupil.

I am a qualified ELSA (Emotion, Literacy, Support Assistant) giving our pupils extra positive support where needed.

My daily routine involves organising outside agency’s that work along side our school such as Area 43 Counsellors, Young Carers, and several other agency’s that cover all young people. This ensures that all our pupils get the correct wellbeing intervention for them. giving them a positive outlook on life and progression for a happy learning environment.


Mr Tim Bowen

A Youth Support Worker helps vulnerable young people aged 10 – 18 to build resilience and develop the skills they need to live, learn and achieve.

Based at Secondary Schools throughout Carmarthenshire, Youth Support Workers offer support around behaviour, relationships, peer pressure, health and education to enable young people to take greater control of their lives and make more informed choices.

As part of my role I work in partnership with partner agencies that range from TAF project to Police and Children Services and also all departments within Bryngwyn School.

Mrs Emma Evans

In my role as the Bahaviour and Wellbeing Lead Officer, I work closely with pupils, school staff, which includes the pastoral team, senior leadership, heads of pupil progress, teaching staff and the inclusion team, parents/carers and external agencies to ascertain what specific support a young person may need at any given time.  

Support can vary from short to long-term. For example, in the moment, a pupil may share information that must be passed on to an appropriate adult or needs to be co-regulated so they can carry on with their day. More long-term support may include individual sessions on emotional regulation or psychoeducation on a specific topic. Occasionally, referrals to external agencies will be made if the support is more appropriate. 

A key element of my role is building safe and trusting relationships with the pupils with whom I work so that the process of giving and finding support is done together, collaboratively. 

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