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Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School Life at Ysgol Bryngwyn School

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School Council

We welcome the new school council members for this term. They are:


Hi. I am Mason Collins and I am on the school council representing year 7. I think I was voted on because I am thoughtful, a person who you can speak to and also very confident at public speaking and talking to others. I want to make the school a better place for all pupils and my focus is on making the actual building and facilities more accessible for all.


My name is Kian Jones. I am very happy to have been voted on to the school council to represent Year 7. I am very confident and outgoing and I will listen and share your opinions to the rest of the school council. Please come and see me whenever you need to discuss anything.


I am extremely happy to have been chosen to represent year 7 on the school council. I have been on a few councils in my primary school and have really enjoyed it. I am reliable and trustworthy and I am happy to take any suggestions you have to the school council to discuss in order to make the school a better place for you.


Hello, my name is Jack Morgan and I have recently been voted onto the year council by my fellow pupils. I believe that they voted for me because I know a lot of them and they know they can talk to me about any issue that is effecting them or us within the school. I was really happy when I got voted in because I am passionate about the littering issues we have in our school and surrounding areas. I would like to tackle them with your help. I have a lot of good ideas for the school and I will be putting these forward at the meetings I attend. If you want me to raise any issues on your behalf, please come and see me.


I have a lot of experience in roles like this as I was head girl of my primary school two years ago and enjoy discussing ways in which we can improve the lives of our pupils here at Bryngwyn. I like being there for others and helping them when I can so I feel that this is a perfect role for me.


Hello, my name is Adem Bozkurt and I am the school council representative for Year 9. I think that I will be very good at this role because I am very determined, enthusiastic and willing to listen to others. I am very passionate about helping people and improving the school for all pupils. I am friendly and caring and I think these qualities will help me in this role. I am representing not just year 9 but all of the pupils in this school. I hope people feel like they can come to me to talk at any time and if they would like me to raise any issues, I will take it back to the school council.


I am extremely privileged to have been chosen for the school council. I intend to be a reliable and trustworthy member of the school council and a role model to other pupils in the school. Most importantly, I hope to improve school life for everyone! I believe that I can represent my year group well and listen to their ideas to make the school a better environment for all. I think this is a great opportunity to address the views and issues of my classmates in a respectful and thoughtful manner in order to do the school proud.


I am extremely excited and grateful to be a part of the school council. I am determined to work hard and try to make this school safe and fun for the pupils. It means so much to me that my year group have trusted me to represent them and get our views heard. The school council is an amazing opportunity which I take very seriously. I aim to make our school a better place and prioritise the wellbeing of all our students. I am trustworthy, responsible and approachable so anyone can talk to me about anything. I am here to help and listen to you so I thank you for this opportunity.


I am the year 10 representative for the school council and couldn’t be happier about my position. I believe I can make this school a better place by listening to those in my year and any other issues that come up. Apart from year 10, I also want to represent those who are not particularly interested in sports by creating more clubs that are enjoyable for all. Now to sum up, I will listen to other, push my own ideas forward and I am a dedicated individual who takes this role seriously.


My name is Madison James and I am Head Girl for Bryngwyn school this year\r. Part of my role is to run the school council meetings with the head boy, take visitors around the school, and talk to pupils from all year groups about their suggestions to improve school life. I have been part of the year council for four years so I have a lot of experience. I hope to achieve happiness for every student in every year, listen intently and act on their ideas, and to include more fundraising and charitable events throughout the year (both to raise awareness and to help to community). This role on the school council will enable me to improve my leadership skills and to help me listen to other pupils voices and improve the school for the better.


I am privileged to be Head Boy for Bryngwyn School and my aim on the school council is to work with student, teachers and the senior management team to move forward and improve the school so that life is better for pupils. I am passionate about making school a safe place for everyone and making it an environment where everyone can achieve what they are fully capable of. My friends would describe me as funny. Outgoing, approachable, conscientious and confident so I hope that these skills will help me in the school council. I represent my family, my fellow pupils and I stand up for what I believe in!