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Croeso - Welcome

Croeso i / Welcome to Ysgol Bryngwyn School 

I am delighted to welcome you to Ysgol Bryngwyn School, part of the Bryngwyn and Glan Y Mor Federation.  Our schools play a pivotal role in the community, supporting families and ensuring pupils have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and opportunities.  As the Executive Headteacher of the Bryngwyn and Glan Y Mor Federation I am extremely privileged to work across the two schools. 

Bryngwyn is a forward looking, innovative, community focussed school with approximately 1070 pupils aged 11 to 16. Our academic results are consistently high, and we endeavour to provide the best possible education for all of our pupils. Bryngwyn is well known throughout the area for its excellent pastoral care and wellbeing, support and guidance. We want to equip all our pupils with the skills and qualities necessary to take them forward in life. We offer the highest quality learning experiences and an extensive range or sporting, cultural and extra-curricular activities.  
Visitors to our school are always impressed by the pupils at Bryngwyn; who present themselves as articulate, friendly, positive people, who strive for excellence in all that they do.  
Our school is a happy school and we want our pupils to enjoy themselves as they learn.  
Educating young people is an immense privilege. If you are a parent of a pupil already at the school, thank you for entrusting us with that job. If you are considering sending your child to Ysgol Bryngwyn School or would like to find out more, do get in touch. We are open to visitors every day

Top marks from Estyn

Estyn the school inspectorate have published a full report on achievements at Bryngwyn School. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that in our recent inspection, Bryngwyn School was rated as Excellent in all 15 aspects of the school by Estyn.

The school, which has 1070 pupils, has been deemed to have attained an excellent rating in all categories; standards; well-being of students; learning experiences; teaching; care, support and guidance; the learning environment; leadership; improving quality; partnership working; and resource management.

 Applying for a Secondary School Place

IMPORTANT - To increase your chances of your child being a part of Bryngwyn School in September 2025, be sure to apply at Carmarthenshire School Admissions.


Please see the link and QR code below for applying for School Transport...

Carmarthenshire County Council School Transport

Virtual Tour of Bryngwyn School


 Messages from Pupils

 Maddie Williams 


Dylan Hopkins



 Millie Woods



 Marysia Turko




What Others Say

 "Without the support from my amazing teachers and peers at Bryngwyn there’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today. Bryngwyn School gave me a number of excellent opportunities which have allowed me to thrive as a person and achieve academically. I will be forever grateful." Rebecca Stephens - Head Girl 2018


"Looking back on my time at Bryngwyn it fills me with immense joy of the countless experiences and memories I had across my 5 years proudly representing the school. I started year 7 as a very quiet pupil, lacking confidence and initially sticking with the friends who I knew coming from primary school. Over time I settled into school life and grew in confidence, taking part in extra-curricular activities such as football and cricket and seizing opportunities like trips abroad to both France and Austria, helping to grow my circle of friends. Friends which I still have contact with to this day, despite many of us moving all over the world, which would not have been possible without the wonderful community that has been created at Bryngwyn. A community full of amazing staff who really do give their best, ringing true with the school’s motto, doing their upmost to provide the best environment for you to be the best possible person you can be when leaving in Year 11. Together with the dedication of teachers giving up their own time to prepare me for exams and coursework, alongside a lot of hard work on my part, I left secondary school with outstanding GCSE grades. Grades which enabled me to go to college to study A-Levels and most recently gain a 1st Class Honours in an undergraduate degree in Sports Performance Analysis. Something an 11-year-old me walking down B corridor would not have believed. I am now continuing into further education and am currently studying a masters degree in Analytics, alongside starting my first ever full-time job working as an Analyst for FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) on a project looking towards the 2022 World Cup. A truly dream job, which would have been a possibility without the foundations I gained, both academically and as a person whilst being a part of the family I know as Bryngwyn School. A place which will stay very strong in my heart for many years to come, as it was a privilege to represent the logo and an honour I will carry forward through all walks of life." - Alex Goddard - Senior Prefect - 2015

"I genuinely had the best five years studying at Bryngwyn school. The staff were so supportive and really equipped me with skills and knowledge that I have taken with me throughout the rest of my education and general life. My positive relationship with both staff and pupils made my years at Bryngwyn the happiest. Each teacher allowed me to be expressive and always supported my academic decisions. After Studying at Bryngwyn I went on to do my A levels at Coleg Sir Gar and now I am doing a Digital journalism apprenticeship with BBC Wales studying for a diploma in journalism. I first found my love for journalism whilst studying GCSE media studies at Bryngwyn, I believe that having the opportunity to explore the world of journalism and the media gave me an interest that I have taken throughout the rest of education and led me to do what I love with the BBC." Caitlin Arlow - Former Pupil - 2012 - 2017

"The thing that makes Bryngwyn so special is how it gives the best to each and every individual. Bryngwyn provided me not only with a fantastic education, but the skills and qualities needed to succeed after school. The opportunities my peers and I received both inside and outside of the classroom were inspiring. Staff at Bryngwyn really do go the extra mile, and I am so grateful for all of their support and positivity. I have built strong relationships that will last a lifetime and I know that we will always have the support of Bryngwyn which is something special. I am now in my final year at Gorseinon college studying A levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, History and Economics, and I hope to study Economics at university next year. Bryngwyn prepared me in every way possible for life after school and the role of Head Girl is something that I will cherish forever. I know that Bryngwyn will continue to be a friendly community which caters for every individual. A huge thank you to Bryngwyn!" Freya Sperinck - Head Girl 2018

"Bryngwyn was a fantastic community to be a part of. The skiing trips and Eisteddfods were the stand out memories looking back. After finishing in 2015, I’ve had the privilege to go on and study at the University of Cambridge, and am now working for a local Member of the Welsh Parliament. Bryngwyn continues to be the stand out school in the Llanelli area, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the staff that make it so." Stephen Hughes - Head Boy 2015

 "I had some wonderful experiences in Bryngwyn. I took part in shows such as We Will Rock You and many performances with the school choir. I also had some great times as a school prefect by assisting in the delivery of events & open evenings. All of the staff were really supportive & went out of their way by providing after school and early morning revision sessions to help you understand the areas you may be struggling with. This helped me achieve 11 GCSEs. I am now in my final year studying BSc Computing at the University of Wales Trinity St David. " Ewan Richards - Former Pupil - 2011 - 2016

After leaving Bryngwyn, I’m currently in my second year at Drama Centre London studying on the BA Acting course. I’ve carried the values of Bryngwyn with me throughout my training. They’ve taught me to be resilient, to persevere and to believe in your abilities. I will take these with me throughout my academic career and into the future.

Madison Ellery - Head Girl 2016





Estyn Report 2017

ysgol bryngwyn school estyn inspection report may 2017 2 2.pdf



The Year 7 Team


 Year 7 Corridor - E Corridor



 Head of Pupil Progess - Ms L Longden





 7:1 - Mrs S Bradley


 7:2 - Mrs H Morris




 7:3 - Mrs H Birkl-Filer



 7:4 - Mr M Hughes




 7:5 - Miss F Fair



 7:6 - Mrs M Thomas 





 7:7 - Mr A Davies & Mr R Jones





 7:8 - Mrs S Lewis & Mrs C Davies







Staff & Subjects

staff list 2023 24.docx



Meet the Senior Prefects Team

Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to represent Bryngwyn throughout our final year. We believe that we will make a positive contribution to school life. We want the pupils of Bryngwyn to feel welcomed, safe, and confident to allow them to achieve their goals. Throughout our time at Bryngwyn we have both received incredible opportunities to allow us to develop our skills academically and socially which we both think have benefitted us. We encourage all pupils to get involved and approach these opportunities with an open mind.  

 The interview for head prefect, we were asked for 5 words that best sum up Bryngwyn School. I (Corey) answered ‘Home that’s safe for everyone.’ Here at Bryngwyn each child is treated equally, and all pupils are given the same opportunities. The school does its absolute best to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and nobody is forgotten.  

I am Lily Watkins, this year's head prefect. I am a confident and approachable individual who is looking forward to working with the pupils and staff at Bryngwyn to ensure that pupils voices are heard. I would describe Bryngwyn as ‘a community’ because everyone who comes to Bryngwyn always has a warm welcome.  

As Bryngwyn we follow the ‘3 R’S’, they are Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. These Three R’s are what we believe makes Bryngwyn the best it can be. We have the responsibility for not only ourselves but also for everyone around us. We want to build a positive relationship with both our peers and the staff at Bryngwyn. Most importantly, we want everyone to have respect for each other, and to ensure that everybody is happy and excited to come into school every day. This is what makes Bryngwyn a unique an incredibly positive environment for all.   

Senior Prefects Team

Corey Lewis and Lily Watkins - Head Prefects (Head boy, Head girl) 








Lewis Edwards and Evan Willock. Scarlet Esney-Davies and Carrie Cook. - Deputy Head Prefects







Byron Davies- Roberts, Ethan Horner, Tyler James, Katy Hamilton, Mia Williams, Cerys Vermaak, Maheen Kashif, Mollie Dwyer, Amy Barson, Cerys Brown - Senior Prefects







School Uniform

These rules are based on 2 main principles:

  1. That we are a community and that rules work best when there is a shared sense of ownership. In this context, all pupils and staff were consulted. The following rules, therefore, reflect the views of both pupils and staff.
  2. As a school, an important part of our ethos, as well as supporting our pupils educationally and pastorally, is to do our best to prepare them for the wider world of work. Pupils must present themselves neatly and tidily in an acceptable uniform as similar demands will come from an employer in future.

The school reserves the right to decide what acceptable uniform is and pupils are expected to be presentable at all times.  Pupils who do not follow the school rules regarding uniform will be allowed to continue with their education but can expect to be isolated from their peers and the wider school community until they conform to the school rules. 


Earrings: The school will allow one pair of small stud earrings.  Hoops or long earrings present a health and safety risk and are, therefore, unacceptable. Small crystal/costume jewellery earrings are acceptable, but large crystal earrings are not.

The School will not allow tongue studs or any other facial piercings e.g. nose studs, lip piercing etc.  If a pupil wishes to have a new piercing, they are encouraged to do this at the start of the summer holidays. This gives sufficient time for piercings to heal and allows pupils to comply with school rules when they are asked to remove studs on their return to school in September.  Pupils will be asked to remove piercings should they break school rules, and we reserve the right to confiscate items when there is persistent refusal to cooperate with school rules.

Hair Colouring/Dying

Pupils are allowed to dye their hair provided that the colours are ‘natural’.  Any vivid colouring e.g. blue, pink, green etc. is unacceptable.  Pupils who colour their hair in unacceptable tones will be given the option to re-colour their hair but will be placed in isolation until the hair is re-coloured.

Hair Styles

Pupils are allowed up to a No. 2 on clipped hair. Tramlines, Mohawks or Mohicans are not acceptable.  Long hair must be tied back in practical lessons where there is a Health and Safety risk.

Make Up

A small amount, “light dusting”, of make-up is acceptable provided it is unobtrusive. Heavily made up pupils will be asked to remove make up using wipes.

Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is allowed provided colours are subtle and not vivid. Glazing or natural tones are allowed.  Pupils wearing bright and multi coloured nail polishes will be asked to remove it.


A single small ring on each hand is acceptable as is a bracelet on each wrist.  However, pupils should be prepared to remove these items if requested to do so by a member of staff in a practical lesson or where there is a health and safety concern.

Coats & Hoodies 

No denim or leather.  Coats have to be plain (some piping is acceptable) with no slogans or large motifs. Vivid/dayglo colours, denim or leather coats are not permitted, though light coloured coats and jackets are acceptable.  Coats and hoodies cannot be used as jumpers and must be removed once inside the School building.  The exception to this rule is a black fleece, with no hood, with the school logo and a zip at the front which can be used as a jumper and worn in lessons.


Scarves must be removed once inside the school building.


All black shoes and black trainers are permitted.  Trainers and shoes should have no coloured flashing or stripes.  Girls are required to wear shoes with a sensible heel that are suitable for school e.g. negotiating stairs and walking in crowds, and that do not prove a Health and Safety risk.  Boots are allowed in winter provided they are worn underneath trousers.

Trousers and Skirts

Trousers and skirts are to be tailored (no lycra, leggings, jeggings or clinging material) and neat, no black jeans or denim trousers are permitted. Girls should wear skirts that are of an appropriate and modest length and that will not cause offence or embarrassment.

The list above is deliberately prescriptive.  We do not wish there to be any ambiguity/confusion. As a school, it reflects the views of pupils and staff. We hope parents will support us in introducing this uniform code. The school reserves the right to decide on what we feel is appropriate and suitable.  We will endeavour to keep pupils in school and in education; however, we will regard regular failure to comply with school rules as defiance and will, where necessary, take an appropriate course of action within the framework of the school’s discipline policy.  



Sports Kit



All suppliers should add pupils' initials on sleeve of T-Shirt and hooded sweatshirt. All the above are available from the following suppliers: Toppers and Picton Sports.

Please could you ensure all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.  

School Life

Freedom Fortnight

Last year all pupils in year 7 took part in the first 'Freedom Fortnight'. Freedom Fortnight is a time when every area of learning comes together to explore a concept or big idea (our DNA) through the eyes of each area of learning.

The six areas of learning and experience are:

  • Mathematics & Numeracy

  • Language & Communication

  • Humanities

  • Science & Technology

  • Expressive Arts

  • Health and Well Being

At the end of it all pupils reflect on the learning process in the final showcase of learning. The theme for the Freedom Fortnight was 'Journeys' so each area of learning came up with a series of tasks/lessons. Each idea for learning was very different but all areas of learning followed the same theme. Please see presentations below for more information.




Llangrannog 2023


 Rossyln 7s

Rosslyn 7s

 Sports Day

Sports Day 2023



Eco Committee

At Bryngwyn School the eco-committee is dedicated to making our school and its environment a more green place to be! We meet every week to discuss all things eco-friendly! We are trying to instil an ethos of sustainability amongst everyone in the school and our local community through various projects. We are very proud to have been awarded a Platinum Award in July 2022 to recognise several years of hard work and dedication by our eco-committee. Every year we do an environmental review to help us identify areas for improvement and put together an action plan. 





Peace Schools

Peace Schools

Bryngwyn were awarded the Peace Schools Level 3 Award during the annual Peace Schools conference this November 2022, one of only a small number of schools in Wales to now hold this award. 



At Bryngwyn we are proud to say that we offer The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award to our pupils in Year 11. We are here to empower young people to:

  • Support them as they learn new skills 
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Build independent confidence and resilience

In turn, this experience will assist our pupils in becoming:

ambitious, capable learners who have the confidence to think creatively in an    ever-evolving enterprising way. 

Ethically informed citizens who willingly volunteer to gain a greater understanding of community value.

healthy, confident individuals who embrace challenge, accept failure and demonstrate a willingness to adapt and grow.

Alec Jenkins

Teacher of Health & Wellbeing / Athro Iechyd a Lles

Ysgol Bryngwyn School

Transition Day 25.9.23

Year 6 Transition Visit 25.9.23


Dosbarth Cymraeg

Mae Bryngwyn wedi datblygu ei ethos Cymraeg trwy roi cyfle i ddisgyblion i astudio mewn dosbarth dwyieithog, gyda tiwtor cofrestru sy’n siarad Cymraeg ac astudio rhai pynciau All-graidd trwy’r Gymraeg. Fe fydd y disgyblion yma yn anelu at gael TGAU yn Gymraeg iaith gyntaf erbyn diwedd blwyddyn 11.

Rhieni sydd â ddiddordeb gallwch cysylltu â’r ysgol ar 01554 750661 i siarad gyda Mr Gareth Morgan, Pennaeth cynorthwyol.

Bryngwyn has developed its Welsh ethos by giving pupils the opportunity to study in a bilingual class, having a Welsh speaking form tutor, and studying some non-core subjects through the medium of Welsh. These pupils would also aspire to gain a GCSE in first language Welsh by the end of year 11.

Parents interested in this should contact the school on 01554 750661 and speak with Mr Gareth Morgan, Assistant Headteacher.

Click here for more information on the GCSE in First Language Welsh

Miss Carys Llewellyn - Teacher of Cymraeg

"Shwmae, Miss Llewellyn ydw i. Rydw i'n dysgu Cymraeg yn Ysgol Bryngwyn. Mae'r flwyddyn yma yn un gyffrous iawn gan ein bod ni wedi sefydlu dosbarth newydd Cymraeg iaith Gyntaf ym mlwyddyn 7. Mae'n gyfle anhygoel i ddisgyblion o ysgolion cynradd Cymraeg parhau dysgu Cymraeg iaith gyntaf, ond cael gwersi craidd eraill trwy'r Saesneg. Mae'r ysgol yn dathlu’r ethos Gymraeg yn fawr ac mae'r disgyblion yn mwynhau gwersi Cymraeg."

"Shwmae, I'm Miss Llewellyn. I teach Welsh at Bryngwyn School. This year has been very exciting as we have started the establishment of a new first language Welsh class in year 7. It's an excellent and challenging opportunity for pupils from Welsh primary schools to continue their first language Welsh journey. The other core subjects are still taught through English so pupils' will get the best experience available to them whilst allowing them to thrive in their use of Welsh. The school celebrates the Welsh ethos greatly and pupils enjoy Welsh lessons."


Welsh Ambassadors



 Bronwen Lewis



 Morgan Elwy


 Aneurin Karadog and Derek Rees





Eisteddfod 2023




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